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Backflow Prevention Devices and Testing. A backflow prevention device is a device that is installed in a pipe to prevent the water flow from reversing. This is important for preventing potential pollutants from getting into your drinking water supply. It is important to note that all backflow prevention devices need to be installed in compliance with the Australian standards on plumbing and drainage services.

These backflow devices are normally catergorised in one of three separate hazard ratings, which are low, medium and high risk ratings. Due to the nature of the risks, all backflow prevention devices categorised as either medium or high risk must be tested for safety. The backflow devices and their registered break tanks must be commissioned and tested on an annual basis by a licensed plumber who has backflow accreditation.

The backflow prevention devices and testing standards must be in compliance with the Australian standards on water supply, field testing and maintenance. The regulator will only accept the proper inspection and maintenance reports which can be submitted electronically. To file these reports electronically, you must fill out the appropriate fields and save the form to your computer before you email it to the regulator.

When submitting the forms, remember that the plumber who completed the work needs to complete his own report along with a certificate of compliance, if needed. The report and the certificate need to be filed with the regulator no more than seven days after the work is completed.

When completing a report, the plumber must ensure that all mandatory fields in the form are filled in and that the plumber’s license number is quoted on the form. Any incomplete forms will be returned by the regulator and will need to be re-submitted within seven days.

The necessary testing equipment for backflow prevention devices must be calibrated and certified by your plumber every 12 months. The equipment will be audited by the regulator to ensure that the calibration and certification is current.

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