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At M4 Plumbers, we do not rest on our laurels. Although we have already been recognized for the high quality of service we provide, we continue to strive to further satisfy our customers. It has always been our mission to provide effective solutions when and where you need them, so make sure to call us today.

Whatever your plumbing concern—a blocked drain, or a broken or leaking toilet, or a burst pipe, or if you just want us to install a new hot water heater, or replacing a toilet – we will be there to provide quick, efficient service to ensure the safety and well-being of your family. If you want us to repair, or provide maintenance service, or install a new hot water heater system, we can also do it with guaranteed precision.

Among the equipment we use are our hydro jets that are mounted on our truck and electric machines to effectively remove the clogging in your drain and sewer. Be assured that whatever job you require from us, we will get it done with the highest standard of quality at the quickest time possible and at prices you can very well afford.

Regardless of the type of services you seek from us, every licensed plumber we dispatch will arrive at your home on time and will finish the assigned work in the shortest time possible on the same day. Our plumbers will conduct themselves as a professional at all times and with your best interest in mind. We understand the urgency of the matter, and we will not delay in rendering the needed service.

Replacing a Toilet, Leaking Toilet or Cistern

Another home emergency you should not dismiss is when you have a leaking cistern in your toilet, or if your toilet bowl is unable to flush, causing dirty water to overflow. Do not delay because leaks can be far bigger than you think and they can lead to water damage, too, so pick up your phone and call us. We assure you that our professional plumber will be knocking on your door within two hours after you call us.

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Hot Water Repairs and Problems

You need to call us for if the tank in your hot water system has started leaking, or if no hot water is coming out of the tap. Our pros at M4 Plumbers are familiar with all kinds and models of water heaters, gas-powered, electric-powered, or solar-powered, and they are technically trained to detect the problem, what causes it, and then get right down to fixing it. Call us and we will fix your water heater system.

Gasfitter Detecting and Fixing Gas Leaks

A gas leak poses grave danger to your home and family. Our capability in leak detection and providing the necessary solutions remains unquestionable. If you need a repair or an upgrade of your pipework to conform to safe regulations, Plum Bros can efficiently handle the job, as well.

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Blocked Drain

A blocked drain will have water pooling in your sink, and mind you, there’s certainly nothing clean about it. When dirty water starts backing up in your drains and you can’t bring the water to flow out with your plunger or any other means, it’s time to call use before the dirty water floods your home, posing health hazards to your family. Even if you encounter such issues at night, our team will be right over to take charge of the problem.

Burst or Leaking Joints or Pipes

A burst pipe is pretty serious as it can cause heavy flooding which in turn can lead to water damage. If you see a leak in your pipe joints and you don’t know how to fix it, you can turn to us for assistance. We do both major and minor repairs. We are not in the habit of dismissing calls for assistance even if they seem to be too minor to deserve professional action.

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Plumbing Replacement

Our range of services goes beyond emergency repairs and maintenance. If you want to renovate your bathroom, replacing a toilet or toilet or install new sewer line, you don’t have to worry where to buy and how to install that new toilet bowl, cistern, pipes, and other plumbing products you want. Just call us, and we’ll take care of everything.


Your Best Emergency Plumbers

We treat our customers in the most professional manner, giving them our utmost attention and respect. They will come to your house wearing clean uniforms and perform their job with utmost professionalism and courtesy. They will not carry out any work without your permission. Our service cost is the most reasonable in the industry. To see is to believe. Call us and place your service order. Whatever plumbing problem arises in your home, whatever plumbing repair, maintenance or installation that you want, call us at 1800 875 544 and we will render the kind of service that will fully satisfy you and provide you peace of mind.

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