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Perth residents who have experienced drainage issues in the past know that contacting a professional plumber immediately is the best way to solve the problem. Most plumbing issues are easy to take care of at first, only turning into expensive headaches if given the time to get worse. If you have a drainage problem in the Perth area, M4 Plumbers can help you solve it with minimal hassle.

We offer a complete selection of plumbing solutions for both commercial and residential addresses in the Perth area. Some of our services include unclogging blocked toilets, clearing blocked sinks, unblocking sewage drains, and cleaning out storm water drains. Whether your problematic drain in inside or outside of your home, contact us today to unblock blocked drains.

Cutting Edge Technology

If you remember when contacting a professional plumber led to nothing but hassle, rest assured that we employ modern technology to make the experience much more convenient for you. Unlike the plumbers of the past, we never need to bill you for hours spent blindly poking around your drain trying to find the blockage. Instead, we have CCTV drain inspection cameras that immediately locate the problem, allowing us to use the most effective methods to eliminate it on the first try.

We can also provide you with video evidence of what caused your blockage and what we did to fix it upon request. You can choose from USB, DVD, or email formats to ensure that you can view the footage in whichever manner suits your lifestyle best.

The days when plumbers had to dig up your drain or remove pavement are also in the history books. Today, our cutting edge drain clearing machines are strong enough to eliminate any blockage without making your home look like a construction site. We’ll also take care of any mess free of charge, so you won’t need to worry about cleaning up after us when we are done.

Finally, our equipment and years of experience in the industry allow us to furnish accurate estimates for every job. Some plumbers quote whatever and charge you for the difference if they’re wrong, but we will always treat you fairly and honestly. We firmly believe that mystery bills are wrong for our valued customers.

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Common Causes Of Clogs

Blocked drains are the most common problem we see in the Perth area. They are easy to discover, but most homeowners have no idea what to do to get rid of them. This ignorance may be for the best, as most DIY plumbing solutions involve a serious risk of making the underlying problem worse instead of better. The best move is to call us to take care of the problem for you. Unlike you, we have all of the necessary equipment to solve your problem. More importantly, we know how to use it all to efficiently unblock blocked drains.

The causes of blocked drains vary with the location of it. For example, outdoor systems are most frequently clogged by the Perth area’s abundant tree roots, a problem that will eventually come back if the roots are permitted to return to your drainage system. If this is your underlying problem, we will not only eliminate the offending roots but also dig up the entire root system so that the problem never returns!

Shower drains and block basins are most commonly clogged by debris associated with their every day use, including soap, toothpaste, and hair. Likewise, kitchen clogs are commonly caused by kitchen waste such as grease, soap, food scraps, and excess oil. Regardless of the debris in your drain, our expert plumbers will be able to expediently eliminate it for you.

Overflowing toilets have a rather obvious cause, and present a particular challenge to homeowners. As a society, we frequently don’t realize how much we enjoy the convenience of using the bathroom in our own homes until the privilege is taken away from us. Some plumbers will make you wait until fixing your drain fits their schedule. At M4 Plumbers, we pride ourselves on the ability to quickly repair your clogged drains, giving you the freedom to use them again in no time!

Clog Prevention

In an ideal world, drainage systems work as intended without requiring professional maintenance. While we do not live in such a world, there are tips to reduce how often you need to call us. We provide free advice on how to avoid common clogs after every service appointment, tailoring it to your specific drainage situation whenever possible. Some of our best generic tips can be found below:

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A. Toilets Are Not Trash Cans

We know that it’s tempting to use your toilet as a trash can to dispose of packaging, napkins, and other waste items, but it’s only designed to handle human waste and toilet paper. These foreign items will definitely produce a clog eventually. The best solution to this problem is to simply keep a garbage pail in your bathroom. The temptation is gone, so you won’t clog your toilet!

B. Install Strainers To Catch Debris

If you leave drains prone to debris unprotected, food scraps and toothpaste residue will end up clogging your drains. The best solution here is to install strainers to catch the debris before it has a chance to clog your drain. Remember to clear the strainer of debris periodically, as a full strainer is little better than a completely unprotected drain.

You can also limit the debris in your shower drain by eliminating any scale build up from your shower head. To do so, simply fill a bag with vinegar and tie it to your shower head for a little while.

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C. Don’t Let It Fester!

Finally, the best tip we can offer is to call us as soon as you suspect that you have a plumbing problem. It will not fix itself over time, instead becoming worse and worse until the damage completely ruins your drainage system.

Don’t let that happen! Instead, call us at 1800 875 544 for a free quote with no obligation. We can begin work on the day you call us in most cases, ensuring that your problem is handled as quickly and effectively as possible! Other providers simply cannot say the same.

Stop worrying about your drains, and go back to living your life with M4 Plumbers. We love to unblock blocked drains!

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